The Most Affordable Summer Cars to Buy Right Now

Summer is a time to enjoy the weather. You want to go out and feel the sunny side of life as you bask in the rays. The best way to enjoy this feeling of transit is when you have a convertible. The open back means that you can have your time while also breathing the open. Though it is not every day you see people riding convertibles around. Convertibles tend to be pricey. We have drawn up some of the most affordable convertibles to buy right now.

1. Mazda x5 RF

This is a car that incorporates stylish design and technology to give you a sturdy ride both with the roof on or as a convertible. It comes with an electrically operated hard top and insulation that makes it an everyday utility vehicle. It is a light car that uses a 1.5-litre engine and a 2.0l version, both with a six-speed manual gearbox. Even with these features, Mazda X5 RF is relatively affordable to purchase with prices range starting at around £10,000.

2. Smart For two Cabrio

This is a great car to enjoy the afternoon breeze with the drop-top down due to its pleasurable driving. It can easily perform a turning circle using the Direct-Steer System on the 2.69 m body length. There is a wide range of the Alloy rims covers designs to give you the desired exterior look. It also has a spacious interior to give you enough air and roomy spaces for luggage. You can find Smart for Two Cabrio at the moment in price ranges from £15,545.

3. Mini Roadster

The Mini Roadster is a small convertible summer car you can rely on for your needs. It has a powerful pulling power that you can easily overtake without having to change gears. One of the selling edges of this car is the performance. It comes with a twin-turbocharged 1.6 litre four-cylinder petrol engines. This provides reliable and lively performance. The interior comes with comfortable seats that allow you to enjoy your ride over long distances. Currently, the car retails at around £20,900 making it one of the most affordable convertibles today.

4. Mazda Miata

The Mazda MX line has been one of the revolutionary vehicles ever and the Miata does not come short. It is an improvement on the MX-5 Legacy with boosts on performance. It incorporates more power yet remains lightweight as ever. The car is designed to provide a 50-50 balance on performance and handling once you occupy your seat. You can choose between a cool classic Black and the Brown colour whichever complements your style. The MX is lowly priced with prices starting as low as £18,995.

5. BMW 2 Series Cabriolet

Are you looking to grab attention with your car yet at an affordable price? Then BMW 2 Series Cabriolets the car to go for. It has a stunning build of a wedge-shaped silhouette, honed front section and an elegant roof. It comes with a high-quality finished upholstery throughout the interior which ensures a comfortable ride. The interior also has aluminium trim finishes which gives it a high-quality look. You can easily open the roof even when on a ride at speed of up 30 km/h. It currently retails at prices in the range of £28,965.

6. Fiat 500C

There is just not enough reason not to like this convertible. It values your safety as it comes with a speed limiter and 7 airbags for your safety. The exterior looks stunning with chrome plate handle doors, flexible electric door mirrors, and 14-inch wheel covers. The comfort in this car is top notch. It has an easy height adjustable steering wheel, that also has audio controls, and electric front windows. The technology used in the car is also worth a mention with incorporated high-quality music and lights. The car retails at a starting price of £12,165.

7. Peugeot 108 Top

This is one of the best affordable convertible cars to take to the beach when looking to show off your elegant drop top. It is made with an elegant and sophisticated design and paying attention to details. The design is enhanced by running LED daylight and the black and chrome headlights which gives it a slinky look. The interior looks great and incorporates high-end technology in the finishes and the audio system. It also employs an environment-friendly petrol engine. The Peugeot currently retails at a price from £11,935.

8. The Citron DS3 Cabriolet

This is a small car that comes with a folding back roof and a roomier interior for comfort. The interior incorporates stunning finishes and plush touches. It is comfortable for a long journey due to the five seats it has. It provides for a range of four roof colours depending on your taste. Both the lights are easy to tweak to give a personal touch. Ultimately it has reliable high-performance engines and uses top-notch technology. It might seem a little expensive as compared to the other cars in this list but at £ 23,200, it is still a bargain given the premium features.