Top 10 Cars on the Market under £10,000

Over the years the prices of cars have risen, but it’s still possible to find a great car with a budget below £10,000. You do not have to consider buying a used car, if your heart is set on a new one, look for one. The best thing about a new car is that it comes with advanced technology such as Bluetooth connectivity and air-conditioning. So, let’s get started on the 10 top cars on the market under £10,000.

1. Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero is one of the most affordable cars under £10,000. Its price tag is £ 6,995 and is currently the cheapest brand-new car in Britain. Although the Sandero doesn’t come with the finesse of luxury and costlier cars, it is efficient and offers great customer satisfaction. You can forego the few comfort features and buy this car. It is quite a big car and comfortable enough when looking for a cheap car.

2. Ford Ka+ hatchback

This is one of the few cars under £10,000 with five doors. It is an impressive vehicle with a lot of space to offer and great value for money at a starting price of £9,900. However, it should not be mistaken as a replacement for Ford K because it’s more related to the Ford Fiesta and a substitute for the entry-level Fiesta, which has been discontinued. The car is not only roomy, but it’s equipped with an engine that offers average performance; good enough for a satisfying drive.

3. Hyundai i10 Hatchback

The Hyundai i10 hatchback has five doors, and apart from being quite an affordable car, it is well equipped and stylish. This car is excellent to drive and is not a fuel guzzler. However, its price falls between £9,900 and £14,430. If you can afford to add the extra cash, it is one of the super cheap cars you will find in the market. You are also given unlimited or five-year mileage warrant and is fully transferrable in case you decide to sell the vehicle.

4. Kia Picanto Hatchback

Kia Picanto has been revamped and has a stylish look. It is now fitted modish headlights and a tiger nose giving it a robust appearance. What’s more, this car is in insurance group 4, so you can enjoy a good bargain for coverage. Some of its advanced features include a central locking and modern electric front windows. If you love a pimped car, you have to pay for a touch entertainment screen and alloy wheels. The price of Kia Picanto Hatchback is around £10,000.

5. Toyota Aygo Hatchback

If you are looking for a stunning car, Toyota Aygo Hatchback is the best choice. It has an impressive ‘X’ design at the front, which makes it stand among other vehicles in the category of under £10,000. It works perfectly for city streets or country lanes drives, but less refined for a motorway. Being light in weight, this car is easy to and fun to drive. The price of this car starts at £9,700.

6. Volkswagen Up! Hatchback

The Volkswagen Up is built up to its price. Its price actually starts from £10,000. It is definitely not one of the cheapest cars on this list, but it has a super economical 59bhp 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine plus electric windows, foldable rear seat and central locking. It is boxy physical dimensions are perfect for city parking. If you want a powerful engine (89bhp) to drive on the highway, this is the model to go for.

7. Dacia Logan MCV

When looking for a spacious car, Dacia Logan MCV is the car for you. It has a boot with 573 liters space which can extend to 1,518 liters by dropping the rear seats. However, its design is not what you can call bold, but it’s affordable and fun to drive. It goes for £8,495 making it quite affordable.

8. Smart ForTwo

The SmartTwo hatchback is one of the few cheap cars that you can drive in the city. It has flunky and compact dimensions, which makes it easy to park and turn in small spaces. If you have money to spend on it, you add alloy wheels, speed limiter, smartphone holder and a cruise limiter. This is available for less than £10,000 when discounted.

9. Suzuki Celerio

The Suzuki Celerio is a small car with five doors and high roofline, which allows enough room for the head. It can carry four grownups and still remain with some space for their overnight bags. The boot has a capacity of 254 litres. The best thing is that it comes with a safety kit, including six airbags. Prices start from £8,999

10. Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo has its engine at the back and so is easy to drive on the road compared to most under £10,000. The car has plenty of legroom and goes for less than £10,000. It includes a digital radio, smartphone holder, and an air conditioning system so is fully equipped for this affordable car.