Top 12 4x4 Cars In The Market

When it comes to purchasing a car, people have different preferences, and more people are now interested in buying 4x4s. Today we are bringing you more information more about which 4x4 is the best on the market. Such cars always come in different sizes, shapes, and the prices vary too depending on the features and different specifications. If you reside in the UK, the following top 12 4x4 cars in the market may suit you.


The Suzuki Jimny is one of the renowned 4x4 vehicles that was developed by Suzuki five decades ago. It has a separate chassis, and it can be likened to the GU Patrol, Jeep Wrangler, and the Toyota 70 Series. Other features include the presence of a five-speed manual transmission, four cylinders and a 1.3-liter engine. The car weighs 1075 kilograms, and it can comfortably accommodate 1420 kilograms. Its market price is £18,142, so the car will guarantee value for your money.


The Volkswagen Amarok has two different gearboxes that have been incorporated into the 4x4 system. The car’s transmission consists of a six-speed manual that has a conventional dual range. The auto transmission is also capable of carrying out self-proportioning as well as the self-locking of the centre differential. As a result; it suitable for off-road driving and the on-road functionality is also impeccable. The car has a 2.0-liter engine and a bi-turbo management that offers a lot of power and torque. The Amarok’s cabin is also comfortable and spacious. The car is currently worth £36,292.


The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a 4x4 that guarantees value for your money. The car has a 5-speed automatic transmission, and the wheelbase has also been shortened. It also consumes petrol and there is no diesel version of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. However, we found that there have been limited sales since the car does not have a version that has a manual gearbox. It has a V6 4.0-liter engine, and it is worth £37,081.


The Mitsubishi Triton is one of the higher rated 4x4 cars in the UK compared to the latter. Some of the notable features of the Mitsubishi Triton include the presence of a six-speed manual transmission, a suspension that has been heavily revised, a larger cabin, and a 2.4-liter engine. The car also has a short wheelbase. The car’s price is competitive and within £37,870, you can purchase the Mitsubishi Triton.


The Jeep Wrangler is one of the renowned off-road vehicles at the moment. If you are an off-road enthusiast, you should opt for the Jeep Wrangler. It is worth nothing that there is only a petrol version, however. It has an automatic gearbox and four doors, unlike the previous versions. The five-speed automatic transmission is quite impressive. Other impressive features include electronic traction control. With £42,605, you can drive home with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The V6 3.6-liter engine also makes sure that the car’s performance is impressive.


When purchasing a 4x4 car in the UK, people always have preferences in terms of brands, among other things. If you prefer Ford, you can opt for the Ford Ranger XLT Automatic. The car was first produced in 2011 but over the years, it has undergone a significant facelift. The changes in the interior region of the car are impressive. There have been mechanical upgrades such as the incorporation of a turbo that is more effective as well as new fuel injectors. To drive away with the Ford Ranger XLT Automatic, you only need £44,499.


The Ford Everest is an impressive 4x4 vehicle. It has different features including the projector headlights, lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, auto wipers, power tailgate, front parking sensors, and other impressive features that attract a large client base. If you are interested in the Ford Everest Trend, the car is worth £48,129. The car also has 17- and 18- inch tires that are suitable for traveling off-road. The diesel engine also comprises of five cylinders, and it is the 3.2-liter version.


The Land Rover Discovery is one of the 4x4 vehicles that can be termed as the best on the market. If you are looking for an SUV, you could opt for the Land Rover Discovery, and it goes for £54,947. The TDV6 version has many impressive features including the presence of a bi-turbo diesel 3.0-liter engine that comprises of 6 cylinders.


The Nissan Patrol Y62Ti has a V8 engine that guarantees enough power to manoeuvre some of the off-road regions in the United Kingdom. The car’s price is £52,863, and it has a petrol and diesel version. The car has a larger luggage space so it perfect for longer off-road trip. The car also has a whopping 140-liter tank.


The Toyota Prado VX is one of the best-selling SUV vehicles in the United Kingdom. The car has also gained popularity over the years since it is an efficient 4x4 vehicle. To lay your hands on the Toyota Prado VX, you should be willing to part with £58,387. Some of its best features include heated front and second-row seats, a steering wheel adjustment feature, automatic wipers, and headlights as well as a quality audio system that comprises of 17 speakers. Additionally, the Toyota Prado VX has a 2.8-liter engine.


The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 GX is a car that has quality engine performance, and it can also cover long distances comfortably. It has a V8 engine and a twin-turbo feature. There is also the V8 diesel engine that has a single-turbo feature, although it is not as efficient as the latter. The car also has an electric chassis system that ensures there is traction, stability, and crawl control. With all these features and others that have not been mentioned, the car is worth £60,368.


The Range Rover is among the highly recognized SUV vehicles, and it is deemed the best on the market. It is speedy, luxurious and a fantastic way to cross Europe, with its max speed reaching nearly 140 mph. The major challenge is the cost of the vehicle – £118,369. The car’s interior and exterior regions are quite impressive. Some of its best features include a three-zone climate control, heated and cooled front seats, a heated steering wheel and adaptive cruise control. It also as an impressive sound system. If you need value for your money, opt for the Range Rover Sport SDV8.