Top 8 new car deals on 0% finance

People often want to enter the market to buy a brand-new car yet don’t sudden dent in their bank account; that’s why a 0% APR deal is the brainer option here. This means that instead of paying the full cost, you have a chance to spread the payment out over smaller monthly instalments without an interest charge. Sounds more appealing right? That is why we have compiled a list of 8 top new car deals that offer 0% finance across the UK just for you.

1. Volkswagen move up! 1.0 3dr

Volkswagen up is one of the smallest and cheapest cars in the UK. It has practicality, fun while driving up its sleeve and is a stylish car. This car is comfortable, enjoyable to drive, and feels stable on the road. It designed to operate in towns mostly, making it a perfect city car. Volkswagen up has a small engine which means low running cost. The vehicle costs around £8,390.91 and a buyer has the option to deposit £2,440.35 initially and pay the rest in £85.56 monthly instalments.

2. Renault Clio

Renault Clio is the favourite car of the supermini market. It’s marked as the most attractive deal car to new buyers due to its simplicity. The Clio has a bold nose curve and a trump card giving it a sense of style and taste. The cabin is modern and extremely classy and a tablet control screen. The Clio is great to drive and economical to fuel consumption. Overall, the car has a clear reputation across the UK, so you know what you’re getting with this one. A Clio typically costs around £10,596.56, and when buying it on 0% APR, you can simply deposit £140.50 and complete the rest in £140.50 monthly instalments.

3. Mazda

The Mazda is a smaller car and has different models that range from Mazda 2, 6, CX-3, CX-5 MX-5 and MX-5RF Mazda. Mazda vehicles are easy to use and manage since their fuel consumption is very low. The vehicle has an efficient engine, sporty feeling, and good-looking cabin. On its disadvantage, the Mazda can be noisy at high speed and bumpy when fixed with big wheels. The typical cost of a Mazda is approximately £8,912.89 and a customer can pay £109.89 in a monthly instalment scheme.

4. Toyota C-HR Design FWD 1.2VVT

C-HR means Couple-High Rider where the car is stylish, chunky with crossover lines and a low-slung roofline like that of a couple. This car stands out as the only car with crossovers in the market. C-HR is smartly designed, perfect to drive, and features a standard cabin. Among brand new cars with crossover, C-HR is rated the very best. The car cost is £18,963.92, and a customer can make £171.90 monthly instalments to settle the bill.

5. Jaguar XJ 3.0d Luxury SWB

Jaguar XJ vehicles in the UK are rivals to German luxury models cars as such Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, and BMW 7 Series. Jaguar has a high-class cabin, classic driving dynamic, and dramatic stylish. The Jaguars low driving position, speed, a cockpit that wraps around, and a means of handling that is sharp makes Jaguar the best classic vehicle. Driving a Jaguar gives you a feeling that you are driving a sports car, not until you look behind and realize it not. Jaguar cost around £62,360, and a buyer can make a deposit of £9,419.17 and make monthly instalments of £372.84 thereafter.

6. Fiat 500

Most new car finance deals across the UK are incorporating Fiat 500 into their system. This car has attracted millions of buyers across the world due to its classic nature. Fiat has managed to maintain itself in the UK market by withstanding competition from MINI and Renault Twingo. The Fiat costs about £10,675.06 and a customer can deposit £1,766.09 then monthly instalments of £132.65.

7. Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta, in the UK, is among the best company for car selling. It’s also a popular model to car beginners. Its features include a modest running cost, sharp cabin, and great practicality. This car has three years of voluntary schemes £153.06 per month offered by Zetec model and its total cost is £15,262.98.

8. Nissan Qashqai

Lastly in our list is the Nissan Qashqai which closed the market in 2006 as the pioneers of crossover. The car features include high driving position, flexible practicability, and reasonable cost for a family hit. Nissan Qashqai cost approximately £19,658.59, and a customer can deposit £5,612.25 and take on a monthly scheme of £148.35.