Volkswagen e-Golf 2019 Review


The Volkswagen e-Golf is the first Golf to be produced that does not feature an internal combustion engine but instead runs solely on an electric motor. This motor is powered by a 24.2kW lithium-ion battery located between the axles, and it produces 114bhp to the car’s front wheels. It can reach 62mph from a standing start seamlessly, which is comparable to what the majority of the diesel hatchbacks do and travels at 70mph without any problem. Furthermore, it features a gear selector, which, when you pull down, has a similar effect as that of conventional braking while it recovers the energy before feeding it back to the battery. Let’s dive in and do a detailed review of the Volkswagen e-Golf 2019.

Performance and drive experience

Despite being electric powered, the Volkswagen e-Golf 2019 does not compromise of power, and its 100kW Ac electric motor generates 214 lb-ft of torque as well as 134 horsepower. So, when you push down your foot on the pedal, this electric engine directs all this power to the car’s wheels for responsive acceleration while producing minimal noise. The torque produced by this electric motor at slow speeds produces an energetic performance, with this model capable of reaching a top speed of 93mph and accelerate in 9.4 seconds from 0-60mph. Additionally, thanks to its smooth delivery of power, this vehicle feels even faster than the numbers suggest.

In the Volkswagen e-Golf 2019, you have three driving modes to choose from: Normal, Eco and Eco+. So, it’s simple to adjust the vehicle’s performance depending on your present driving situation. Additionally, there are several regenerative braking levels that you can choose from, and each of these helps you to rejuvenate the e-Golf’s batteries.

Additionally, the Volkswagen e-Golf has an electric engine that has an estimated EPA of 125-mile range with this more than enough to allow you to drive to and from a neighbouring location. Moreover, thanks to the 7.2kW DC Fast Charging Capabilities, you can make use of fast-charging stations to power your e-Golf within a short duration.


With 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf, you get enough room inside your car, proving that not every electric car is designed to be compact. Inside the car, you will find sufficient space for passengers to sit comfortably as well as to pack any luggage you need to be fitted to the trunk.

The passenger volume in the Volkswagen e-Golf is 93.5 cubic feet, which is enough space to accommodate all the five passengers easily. The front seats typically have legroom of 41.2 inches, and a headroom of 38.4 inches, plus the rear passenger, also has enough personal space with the headroom 38.1 inches, whereas the legroom is 35.6 inches.

The cargo room of the e-Golf has a volume of 22.8 cubic feet. If you want to create additional space for your cargo, you can fold down the back seats, and at its maximum, this car will provide you with a cargo volume of 52.7 cubic feet.

Inside you will find a 9.2-inch touchscreen, which makes the car feel modern. To further improve the interior, you can opt for the configurable and completely advanced 12.3-inch digital cockpit system. Also, its interior quality is exceptional as it features soft-touch plastics dotted through the cabin and lots of leather.

The Volkswagen e-Golf does not integrate any trim options, and instead, you get one grade, which has lots of kit including climate control, 9.2-inch touchscreen, and LED headlights.

Running cost and reliability/safety

The e-Golf saves you plenty of money typically spent at the petrol station when using conventional cars, and instead, you just need to charge it either at home or on the go. In addition to these savings you make, this car is exempted from the London Congestion Charge, excise duty, and more cities planning to implement emission-centred road charges. Owning a Volkswagen e-Golf exempts from these charges. At its most efficient, the e-Golf does 150 miles before coming to a halt which exceeds its competitors, the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3.

Incorporated in this electric car are standard safety equipment of remarkable quality, including adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, driver attention monitoring system, among many other safety features. Likewise, other safety features integrated include lane departure warning, lane keep assist, rear and front parking sensors, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, as well as a rear-view camera.

The e-Golf is reliable as it offers you with all the essential features necessary while on the road. Thus, while the landscape of electronic vehicles matures, the e-Golf will undoubtedly come on top of its rivals.


Unlike other electric cars on the market, the Volkswagen e-Golf offers you with a driving experience that feels quite normal. Therefore, apart from its relatively smaller boot and additional weight, it is just as good as its hugely popular diesel counterpart, the Volkswagen Golf. Furthermore, despite its competitors having longer ranges, not many can compete with the desirability, outstanding interior quality, and smoothness the Volkswagen e-Golf offers you.